Plants in the office are something that both employee and employer should want.

Previously regarded as purely aesthetic, the benefits, both physical and psychological, are now evidenced in numerous scientific studies, and are significant enough for any cost-conscious business owner to sit up and take notice.


With modern workers spending on average 90% of their time indoors, space that utilises natural light is vital.

The circadian rhythm controls our physical, mental and behavioural changes and follows a 24-hour cycle that is largely based on natural signals from the environment.

Creating working environments that provide the mental and visual stimulae necessary to regulate the human circadian rhythm promotes alertness, productivity and happiness amongst staff.

Sleep cycles

Body temperature

Hunger/meal times

Hormone Production

Cell regeneration


Incidental exercise is any exercise or physical activity that is part of your daily routine. Small modifications to the working environment can help to encourage positive active behaviour.

When cycling to work, taking the stairs over the lift and doing yoga classes in the evening become the norm rather than the exception, staff become healthier and happier.

Water is vital . It gives the brain electrical energy for all its functions, including memory and thought processes.

Staying hydrated everyday helps you think faster, focus better and have more creativity and clarity.

Ensuring staff have easy, unfettered access to water improves alertness, productivity and overall well-being.